What is Pin Drafted Roving?

   In case you are new to spinning or you've been spending for 20 years you may have never had a chance to try our pin drafted roving or just never really knew the difference. Hopefully this explanation will help a little bit.

     If you have ever bought combed top From from someone where the fiber is slightly felted or maybe hard to draft you will understand how important this Machine is. It takes a lot of the inconsistencies out of the combed top or roving off of The carder To make it easy for you to spin.

     Once the fiber has come off of The carder its then place through the pin drafter that has two sets of combs, one on the top and one on the bottom as the Fiber goes through the pin drafter this sliver is stretched and slightly aligning the fibers  this gets the fiber one step closer to turning it into yarn. Its great for hand spinners because it does a lot of  the pre-drafting work for you. Now you can take the combed top In spin it any way you would like. you can divide up the sliver Into multiple strands or break it in half and do fractal spinning, the possibilities are really endless It just makes the spinning process a little easier now that the fiber has been fluffed up a little bit so it's not so compacted.