All things Maple



Since John and I own our own businesses and decided that doesn't quite keep us busy enough we decided that we should branch out and add one more thing to our plate, lol. However, This is John's true passion! Seriously, when it's time to tap the trees, it's like Christmas. If he could be in the woods full time he would do it in an instant. He has been sugaring since he was a kid and learned most of it when he was in the forestry program in high school.  Since then he has always helped other sugar makers in the area as much as he could. Three years ago he started tapping his own trees and then a year ago partnered up with two other friends. He started with 200 trees and now, we have approximately 500 trees and together they have over 3,000 trees. Every year they seem to grow just a little bigger. We use a combination of buckets and pipeline. The buckets are much more labor intensive, but we use them where we can get to them easily, such as roadside. The pipeline is great to use when they are harder to get to because the The main pipeline all empties into one main tank. From there we pump  the sap into a big tank and bring it to the sugar house where we use wood to boil the Sap into Syrup.