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Welcome, Our fiber mill is located in northern Vermont, the gateway to the Northeast Kingdom, where we custom process raw wool into different types of roving, batts and now Yarns. We know the hard work that goes into raising the animals so we work hard to give you back the best quality product your animals grow. We are constantly striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible. To learn more about our story you can check it out here

  • Washing/ Drying

    Each Fleece that comes into the mill is hand washed to ensure that all of the lanolin has been removed so the fiber can be carded without being damaged.

  • Custom Carding

    As a small batch fiber mill we can create a roving or yarn to your specifications. We can process that one special fleece or combine your whole clip. Feel free to mix and blend your fibers into something you've always dreamed of. Don't forget that we can blend things like, silk, bamboo, sparkle,etc to make extra special.

  • Pin Drafting

    Once the fiber has been carded into what is call roving or a sliver it moves onto the pin Drafter. Multiple strands are sent through the pin drafter which has a set of combs on the top and bottom that stretch the fiber out so the sliver becomes extremely consistant so you end up with a consistant roving thats ready to be spun.

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