Price List

Price List

*Our pricing is based on incoming weight 

Updated 11/15/2022


- includes Washing (2washes, 2 rinses), Picking, Carding
  • Wool - $19.95/lb                       
  • Fine wools-  $21/lb
  • Exotics-  $22.50/lb​​
  • Pin Drafting- $4.00/lb 

 Please note that heavily greased fleeces may need extra washing for $6.00/wash

-Its most cost effective for a minimum of 10lbs.​

However,  We can take orders of roving under 10lbs, there will be a base charge of $190 for wool/ $220 for alpaca.  Remember, each batch (job) can be processed separately, Please be sure to label each order clearly.

Alpaca-  Depending on the alpaca fleeces they may need to be blended with 15-30% wool in order for the fiber run through the equipment well. If this is the case I will contact you if I need to.


- Fiber should be well skirted before getting dropped off. If skirting needs to be done then there will be a fee of $25/hr.


  • Blending - $5/lb
  • Dyeing-  Tonals $15/lb


Everybody loves our pin drafted roving and everyone has been asking for a long time when I’ll be able to turn it into yarn. Well we are still working on that dream, but in the meantime, we have found a solution.

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Battenkill Fiber mill in Greenwich, NY  so I can now turn your beautiful fleeces into wonderful Yarns so you can finally make one-of-a-kind yarn.


So you may be asking why drop it off to KFF if I can just drop it off at Battenkill?  

well, the answer is simple, right now our queue is much shorter than theirs because the washing, picking, and carding Is a long process. by dropping it off here you will be skipping some of the waiting time. Once we get it washed, carded, and pin drafted. MJ and I will meet and do a fiber swap where it can go straight to the spinning line. However, This Short Queue won't last long!  So if you've been putting off bringing your fiber to the mill now is the time to do it.

  The pricing below is based on the whole entire process (washing-yarn). If you have any questions don't be afraid to drop me an email or give me a call I'm happy to answer them.

​Staple length- must be between 3-7"

Yarn- $45.75/lb

 based on incoming weight ( fingering-Bulky) 100g skeins

be sure to specify how many plys


Skeins-100g skeins included, custom weight, $.75/skein

Cones- random weight, included specific weight $1.50/cone